Wild World Rewilding was founded by my Dad, Deryck van Steenderen, a photographer, filmmaker, writer, conservationist and connoisseur of Dad Jokes. He has accrued around him a family of firecracker personalities and somehow maintained his sanity, which I can only attribute to our weekly surfing trips as kids.

As the first born child of a man who highly prefers animals over people, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I was raised to love three things above all else: Nature, family and David Attenborough. Not necessarily in that order.

The South African coastline was the backdrop to our childhood as far back as I can remember. The moment that pool noodles no longer stood between us and imminent death, my Dad threw us into the ocean. The sea, rock pools, beaches and the surrounding mountains were our playgrounds. Holidays were spent in wild places doing wild things.

Sunday nights are ‘nature movie’ nights, during which we’ve watched just about every nature documentary that’s ever been made!

Nature is my Dad’s temple and his only escape from what is an infuriatingly extroverted, greedy world. I think this added fuel to his passion for conservation and solidified his practice of mindfulness in everything and minimalism with all, which he implements with an absolutely no-nonsense approach (besides minimising his impact on the environment, it also makes him incredibly easy to buy gifts for!).

The creation of Wild World Rewilding came from his undying love for nature as his sanctuary.

What he hopes for all of us is to one day inherit the earth in better condition than when it was handed to him, and for us to be able to throw our own children, freshly weaned off of pool floaties, into a healthy ocean, teaming with life and wonder.



"To restore stability to our planet, we must restore its biodiversity, the very thing we have removed. It is the only way out of this crisis that we ourselves have created. We must rewild the world."

Sir David Attenborough, 'A Life on Our Planet - My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future'